Why Raw?


Science and research has shown that eating processed foods leads to obesity, heart disease, among many other ailments in humans. Why would this be different for our pets? Documentaries such as “Pet Fooled” have revealed what most pet owners never suspected. This is why we set out to create a healthy and transparent meal plan. 

Smaller & Less odorous stools:

With fresh ingredients the body has less waste to produce since it is absorbing more nutrients in the food. In turn, stools become smaller as there is less to eliminate. 

Strong Immune System:

With less toxins to expel from the body, and more, clean absorbable nutrients, the immune system is able to remain strong and healthy. Which also leads to less vet visits as most raw feeders report. Yes, the diet may be more expensive than processed food, but in the long run, you may be spending less at the vet during the pet's lifetime. Offsetting the cost of the food and prolonging your time with your best friend.

Softer & Shinier Coats:

Natural oils, vitamins, and minerals found in our raw food leads to healthy skin, softer fur, and the shiniest coats!

White & Clean Teeth:

With the feeding of raw meaty bones, your pets teeth naturally clean themselves of tartar and plaque. No more dentals and surgical procedures that put your pets health at risk.

Fresh Breath:

A healthy, clean gut leads to healthy, fresh breath. You no longer have to cringe when you get kisses from your pet!

No Pet Odor:

Less shedding, and less stinky smell, as the body is not releasing toxins through the skin.

Ideal Weight Maintenance & Greater Muscle Tone:

So many pets are overweight these days and pet owners don't understand why. They claim they only feed one cup a day and are not able to reach their pets ideal body weight. 

Stabilized Energy Levels & Less Hyperactivity:

Your pets are the same in which their bodies respond to the food they are given. Raw ingredients help stabilize energy levels and reduce hyperactivity. 

Reduced Itching, Scratching & Licking:

With less inflammation in the body originating from processed foods, there is less itching, scratching and licking. Many pet owners switch to Rawdog as an attempt at resolving allergies and obsessive licking and scratching, after numerous attempts at resolving the issue with vet prescribed medicines and shampoos and specialized kibble diets.